Boelube MQL proves it’s better.

One of the earlier uses of MQL was in aircraft manufacturing. Freon® gas was used in three distinct areas of the riveting process – drilling, rivet insertion, and rivet-head milling. Because of the undesirable effects of Freon® gas on the ozone layer, Boeing manufacturing research and development engineers introduced an alternative method using Boelube® lubricant compositions to efficiently lubricate and cool tools by preventing heat buildup, while greatly reducing the reworking after drilling that had been necessary with Freon® because of exit burrs, oversized holes, and a rough finish on the inside surface of the holes.

Boelube® lubricants were used in drilling, reaming, and coldworking of fastener holes in aircraft wing skins; installation of wedge-head lock bolts; lubrication of hand drills; and on machinery that automatically drill rivet holes and install rivets on large sections of airplanes. It was shown that the application of minimal quantities of BOELUBE® lubricant could reduce friction, speed production, increase tool life, and improve surface finish and hole quality in a number of machining operations.