Orelube Lubricating Oils & Greases for Industrial Applications and Boelube Lubricants


The Orelube Corporation incorporated in New York in 1958, has manufactured and marketed Specialty Lubricating Oils & Greases for Industrial applications worldwide. We produce fully formulated lubricating oils and greases from synthetic base fluids and highly refined and hydrocracked paraffin base oils blended with chemical and metallic additives under the ORELUBE® brand.


The Orelube Corporation is a market-leader in innovation, formulation and manufacture of Near Dry Machining lubricants, also known as MQL.


Produced under license from The Boeing Company, BOELUBE® is among the trademarks owned by Boeing. These products represent a family of proprietary lubricants developed through Boeing manufacturing operations and lubricant experience.


The Orelube Corporation holds an exclusive worldwide license from The Boeing Company to manufacture and market the BOELUBE® series of lubricants.


Made in America and Marketed around the World


We provide high performance products using our lubricant technology and manufacturing expertise. Our commitment to customer service and high-quality standards ensures that our customers and distribution partners in North America and abroad receive consistent and reliable products time and time again.


The Orelube Corporation has earned its reputation for excellence by a commitment to continual development and the incorporation of the latest technologies in our lubricant products and materials. Orelube is a trusted name for a range of industries, most notably aerospace manufacturers and industrial OEMs.


Commitment to Quality Control


Our employees make every effort to service and satisfy our customers and distributor partners worldwide. The quality management system of The Orelube Corporation has received ISO 9001:2015 registration – for the manufacturing of Specialty Lubricants for Multiple Industries.


The Orelube Corporation has advanced laboratory equipment for quality control and product development including Koehler Digital Penetrometer, Cannon miniAV® Kinematic Viscometer and Brookfield RST Rheometer. We continue to invest in new laboratory equipment to maintain our commitment for high quality and high performance products.