BOELUBE is produced under license of Boeing Management Company. BOELUBE is among the trademarks owned by Boeing. These products represent a family of proprietary lubricants developed through Boeing manufacturing operations and lubricant experience.

The Orelube Corporation holds an exclusive worldwide license from The Boeing Company to manufacture and market the BOELUBE series of lubricants.

Historically, the metalworking industry has used metalworking fluids by flood application in machining operations. But because the costs associated with use, management, and disposal of flood coolants has risen over the years, in part due to increasing federal, state, and local regulations aimed at worker safety and fluid disposal, there has been a growing trend to utilize methods requiring less metalworking fluid to reduce cost, protect the environment, and improve and protect worker health, without sacrificing productivity and quality.

A metalworking lubricant should impart sufficient lubricity between the tool and the workpiece to cause a significant reduction in friction to occur. BOELUBE is a technologically advanced lubricant that significantly reduces friction (one of the major elements in generating heat during the material removal process).