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BOELUBE LIQUIDS 70104 / 70106 / 70090

Boelube 70104 / 70106 / 70090 are a series of proprietary liquid lubricants developed through Boeing manufacturing operations and lubricant experience.


In the near dry machining process, Boelube Liquid can be delivered as fine droplets or spray through one or more nozzles positioned accordingly around the cutting tool. Delivering the Boelube liquid as fine droplets to the cutting edge is necessary in order to reduce friction between the chip, tool, and workpiece, and prevent chips from adhering to the tool cutting edge.


The near dry machining processes using Boelube requires continual reapplication of lubricant to the tool cutting edge and wear surfaces. This can be accomplished externally on shallow drilling, reaming and tapping operations, on milling cutters, and on band and circular saws.


Using a coaxial supply of compressed air and lubricant to the nozzle, the nozzle directs Boelube lubricant droplets in the compressed air directly to the cutting edge. The compressed air will help move chips from the tool cutting edge as the fine lubricant droplets form a thin film at the point of contact to reduce friction.


Boelube does not contain Silicone, Sulfur, Halogens (such as Chlorine), Phosphorus, Paraffin Wax or Petroleum.


Boelube is recommended for use with machining Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber Composites (CFRP), Honeycomb, Kevlar, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials.


BOELUBE® lubricants are extensively used in the operation of portable positive feed drills.


BOELUBE® lubricants can also be delivered continually through tools with internal channels directly to the cutting edge in drilling, reaming, tapping and milling applications.


Boelube 70090 will remain liquid at temperatures as low as -22 F (-30 C).

Boelube 70090

Boelube 70104

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