Orelube Lubricating Oils & Greases for Industrial Applications and Boelube Lubricants



Near dry machining lubricants can also be formulated into paste forms – Boelube Pastes.


Boelube Pastes are extremely cost effective in single point work such as drilling, reaming and tapping. A minimal amount of paste applied to the tool is all that is required to improve surface finish, yield closer tolerances and extend tool life – Brush it on or dip tool in paste.


For Forming and Bending – Boelube Pastes provide an excellent means of obtaining maximum stretch area and close tolerance bends by providing superior lubrication that allows the workpiece to attain the desired shape without creating areas that are stressed.


Apply the Paste evenly over the entire workpiece, with both sides being lubricated on larger parts.

Boelube 70302

Boelube 70305

Boelube 70307