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Produced under license from Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing Company. BOELUBE® is among the trademarks owned by Boeing. These products represent a family of proprietary lubricants developed through Boeing manufacturing operations and lubricant experience.


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Boelube® 70104 Liquid has received SONACA Validation. Validation for the use of lubricants during…(more)

Boelube® proves it’s better. Boelube lubricants were used in drilling, reaming, and…(more)

Orelube ET Synthetic Grease …approval and use on SMI Smiform division (Italy) blow molder…(more)

High Speed Draw Texturing Machines Orelube BM-50 approval and use on…(more)

Barmag FK6-12 Texturizing Machines Orelube BM-50 approval and use on…(more)


About Orelube


Since 1958, The Orelube Corporation has manufactured and marketed Specialty Lubricating Oils & Greases for Industrial applications worldwide.

Orelube produces fully formulated modern lubricating oils and greases from synthetic base fluids and highly refined and hydrocracked paraffin base oils blended with chemical and metallic additives.